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Twilight’s News Is Moving…

Hi you guys,

WordPress’ “Twilight’s News” becomes Blogspot’s “Twilight’s News”

As I mentioned a while back the move was planned weeks ago, yet always something happened. Well, now we’ve done it. Still this is not the domain name move I was mentioning but to a new free blog server.  Sorry guys but business is low :P.

Anyway… starting on Monday 08.02.2010 we are on… I found it more useful and now I’ve made the move.

Step by step all the old posts will be moved there also, but for now you can read the latest 100 posts plus a few new ones.

So, the new address is learn it, bookmark it, share it… eh… you know what to do with it… Use it and abuse it…

Ah… there’s a poll there that I hope you’ll take a look at and maybe even vote on it… Please do so. It would mean the world to me…

Thank you guys!

Best wishes,


Twilight Saving Forks From Economic Downturns

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal:

“Twilight” tourism is widely credited for shielding Forks merchants from the recession, and state sales-tax data support that view.

Taxable retail sales statewide fell 15 percent to $100.8 billion between 2007 and 2009, according to data gathered by the state Department of Revenue. We have the recession to thank for that.

But in the city of Forks, taxable retail sales during the same periodincreased 15 percent to $46.2 million. In fact, Forks’ taxable retail sales in 2009 are the city’s highest in the Department of Revenue’s online database, which goes back to 1994. We probably have “Twilight” to thank for that.

Much of this money is going to much needed renovation. The oldest portion of Forks High School that was built back in the 1920′s and which has been a complete nightmare to heat efficiently is now being torn down and a new building (where kids won’t have to wear coats in the winter) will be erected.


Eclipse → Yahoo TRENDING NOW

Jackson Rathbone talking about “Breaking Dawn”

Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone

Jackson Rathbone revealed in an MTV interview:

I have not yet had a chance to meet Bill Condon, but I think it’s going to be an amazing experience to work with an Academy Award-winning director of his caliber. Getting to work with these incredible directors that I’ve admired, ever since filming “The Last Airbender” with M. Night, even the first “Twilight” with Catherine Hardwicke. I really loved her directorial debut, [which] I think was ‘Thirteen.’ I thought that was incredible, and she co-wrote it with Nikki Reed, who’s a good friend of mine now.

I find myself working with people I’ve dreamed of working with. It’s an amazing position to be in,” he said. “It’s a privilege, not a right. … I’m basking in it, loving it, because as an artist, you get those moments, you live ‘em up.

They’re keeping ‘Breaking Dawn’ under wraps. We’re all waiting on a script right now. It’s all up in the air — we don’t even know when we’re going to film.


Billy Burke just twitted:

Just logged on and this was the first thing I saw. Magnificent. My favorite thing I’ve seen a WHILE.

Billy Burke/Charlie Swan

Billy Burke/Charlie Swan


David A Slade Twitted on 05.24

David A Slade Twitted on 05.24

Now making the prints for your cinemas. We are officially one step away from the screen. In celebration here is a pick taken of Ashley during pre production.


Ashley Green as Alice Cullen

Ashley Green as Alice Cullen

Bunny New Moon

Twilight Bunnys Super Fun

Cool FanMade Video

Preface of “Passage to Eternity”

I managed to translata the Preface of “Passage to Eternity”.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.