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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

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As I mentioned a while back the move was planned weeks ago, yet always something happened. Well, now we’ve done it. Still this is not the domain name move I was mentioning but to a new free blog server.  Sorry guys but business is low :P.

Anyway… starting on Monday 08.02.2010 we are on… I found it more useful and now I’ve made the move.

Step by step all the old posts will be moved there also, but for now you can read the latest 100 posts plus a few new ones.

So, the new address is learn it, bookmark it, share it… eh… you know what to do with it… Use it and abuse it…

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‘The Twilight Saga’ May Be Hollywood’s Most Successful Film Franchise

Source: MTV Hollywood Crush

While “The Twilight Saga” is undoubtedly beloved its fans, it’s hard to argue that the fanbase will be able to turn it into one of the highest grossing film franchises out there. Sure, Summit said that “Eclipse” got more guys to the cinemas than the previous two films, but we doubt that is going to translate into higher box office revenue for the two “Breaking Dawn” films.


E!Special Twilight Destiny

Source: E!


Twilight vs. Harry Potter Pick Your Team

Source: E!Online

There’s a lot of debates out there about the two most prolific francizes Twilight and Harry Potter. Let’s get things strait once and for all. Who’s the best?


Imran the next Edward Cullen for Indian Twilight

Imran the next Edward Cullen for Indian Twilight

Source: One India

Imran the next Edward Cullen for Indian Twilight

Imran the next Edward Cullen for Indian Twilight


London’s TwiCon pics

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New Moon Funny

New Moon Funny Scene

New Moon Funny Scene

New Moon Funny


Charlie Bewley: “I’d love to freak the hell out of little girls in 3D!”

Although they have mostly lingered in the background for two films, I am transfixed by The Volturi. Jane, Aro, Demitri — all of them. Thankfully they take center stage in “The Twilight Saga‘s” final two chapters, “Breaking Dawn” parts one and two.

But we still have 18 months until cresting sunrise, so let’s focus instead on “Eclipse” — which is devouring the box office right now. I chatted with Charlie Bewley, who plays Volturi tracker Demetri about joining the franchise, crafting that eye-gouging hairdo and his hopes for a 3D finale.


‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ star Michael Sheen gets an Emmy nomination for ‘Relationship’

Michael Sheen (“Aro” in The Twilight Saga: New Moon) is probably having a nice day today, considering he’s just been announced as one of this year’s Emmy nominees for his work in The Special Relationship.

Sheen is nominated for “Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie” forRelationship, and the film itself received quite a few other nominations as well.

Relationship isn’t the only New Moon cast-related nomination on this morning’s list.

Jamie Campbell Bower (“Caius”)’s The Prisoner, Peter Facinelli (“Carlisle Cullen”)’sNurse Jackie, and Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter)’s Dexter are also recognized in several categories (as is Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Handsome Men’s Club” episode which poked fun at Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner).

The Emmy Awards nominations are available in full here.


The liberation of the “Twilight Woman”, My Liberation

The liberation of the “Twilight Woman” is a post that I found on and decided to also post it here, because of the message it sends.

Before letting you read the article, I feel the need to tell you a little about me.

I’m a 20-something young woman, whose main interests until a few months ago were going to school, working, friends, having a great relationship and being as mature as possible. I thought my life was good, if not the best. Who knew that things could get more interesting, that life could get better?

When I first saw “Twilight” and then “New Moon” I had now idea of the phenomena that “Twilight” really was, moreover I had no clue that it had so many fans, so without knowing anything about it, I become a fan. And day after day, I become more and more in love with it, with all of it: books, movies, characters, cast, everything.

Now my main interests are: friends, school and work, my boyfriend and being mature, and “Twilight”.

Still, there are not few the ones that think my passion for a movie, for a book is childish or insane and due to this there are few people who I share my thoughts about the matter. I talk to friends about all sorts of things but never “Twilight”. My boyfriend and my BFF are the only ones that support me and even though we don’t see eye to eye they do an effort. Nevertheless there are still plenty of moments when I’m truly ashamed about my passion.

After reading this article I’ll do my best to not be anymore. Because no one should  be ashamed of what they’re passionate about.