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The Twilight Saga: Midnight Sun

Twilight’s News Is Moving…

Hi you guys,

WordPress’ “Twilight’s News” becomes Blogspot’s “Twilight’s News”

As I mentioned a while back the move was planned weeks ago, yet always something happened. Well, now we’ve done it. Still this is not the domain name move I was mentioning but to a new free blog server.  Sorry guys but business is low :P.

Anyway… starting on Monday 08.02.2010 we are on… I found it more useful and now I’ve made the move.

Step by step all the old posts will be moved there also, but for now you can read the latest 100 posts plus a few new ones.

So, the new address is learn it, bookmark it, share it… eh… you know what to do with it… Use it and abuse it…

Ah… there’s a poll there that I hope you’ll take a look at and maybe even vote on it… Please do so. It would mean the world to me…

Thank you guys!

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The liberation of the “Twilight Woman”, My Liberation

The liberation of the “Twilight Woman” is a post that I found on and decided to also post it here, because of the message it sends.

Before letting you read the article, I feel the need to tell you a little about me.

I’m a 20-something young woman, whose main interests until a few months ago were going to school, working, friends, having a great relationship and being as mature as possible. I thought my life was good, if not the best. Who knew that things could get more interesting, that life could get better?

When I first saw “Twilight” and then “New Moon” I had now idea of the phenomena that “Twilight” really was, moreover I had no clue that it had so many fans, so without knowing anything about it, I become a fan. And day after day, I become more and more in love with it, with all of it: books, movies, characters, cast, everything.

Now my main interests are: friends, school and work, my boyfriend and being mature, and “Twilight”.

Still, there are not few the ones that think my passion for a movie, for a book is childish or insane and due to this there are few people who I share my thoughts about the matter. I talk to friends about all sorts of things but never “Twilight”. My boyfriend and my BFF are the only ones that support me and even though we don’t see eye to eye they do an effort. Nevertheless there are still plenty of moments when I’m truly ashamed about my passion.

After reading this article I’ll do my best to not be anymore. Because no one should  be ashamed of what they’re passionate about.


Romania Loves Twilight part 2


‘Twilight’ from A to Z

With the arrival of “Eclipse” in movie theaters – the third installment of the popular “Twilight” series – it’s time to sink your teeth into the world of vampires, werewolves and glistening. If you haven’t been seduced by the pop-cultural prowess of the book series and subsequent films, this A-to-Z primer should bring you up to speed.


Stephenie Meyer talks to fansites about ‘Midnight Sun’

As coverage from Stephenie Meyer‘s fansite press junket continues to be revealed, more and more interesting details about theTwilight series creator’s plans for the Sagabecome unveiled . . . and this one’s a biggie.

TwiFans has released this audio clip from the junket, and it was Stephenie Meyer who brought up the issue of Midnight Sun.

“First question,” she said, introducing the elusive topic. “I know it’s what everyone cares about. I know that the right answer would be for me to say ‘Oh yeah, it’s done and it’s coming out next month,’ and I can’t . . . that’s not true. It’s also not true that I’ve got a ton of work done on it and it’s like that’s what I’m working on . . . What’s true is that I’m really burnt out on vampires, and I don’t want to write it badly, so I want to wait until . . . I’m excited about the material again, I’m excited about Edward and that is something that’s motivating, and you know when a storyline is keeping me up at night, when I wake up at four o’clock in the morning and think ‘Yes! That is what should happen in this moment,’ then that’s when you know I can write with happiness. So, right now it feels like homework, it really does, and when things feel like homework they go very, very slowly for me. So, I mean it’s still not a like a ‘No, this isn’t going to happen.’ It’s just, I want to do it when I can do it right.”