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Anyway… starting on Monday 08.02.2010 we are on… I found it more useful and now I’ve made the move.

Step by step all the old posts will be moved there also, but for now you can read the latest 100 posts plus a few new ones.

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Exclusive: Michael Sheen on ‘Elric’, ‘The Raven’, ‘Breaking Dawn’ and ‘TRON: Legacy’

Source: Fear Net

If you’ve loved Michael Sheen’s work in projects like UnderworldAlice in Wonderland and The Twilight Saga, you might be delighted to know that the versatile Welsh actor is as much a genre fan as any of us. In fact, I caught Sheen on the convention floor of Comic-Con this weekend, in the fantasy illustrators’ pavilion, where I overheard him telling Elric artist John Picacio that he’s developing a movie about Michael Moorcock’s famed sword-and-sorcery character with the Weitz brothers. (Chris Weitz, you’ll recall, directed Sheen in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.) Weitz told Picacio that it was the recently published Elric volumes with Picacio’s illustrations that he’s been using as he works on the project. I asked Sheen about Elric, as well as another genre film he told me he’s developing based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe.


Comic Con San Diego

Source: Twilight Hot News

Anna Kendric aka Jessica Stanley


Twilight and True Blood Vamps Battle at Comic-Con

Twilight and True Blood Vamps Battle at Comic-Con

Source: E!Online

Twilight and True Blood Vamps Battle at Comic-Con

Twilight and True Blood Vamps Battle at Comic-Con

Are Twilight‘s vampires hotter than True Blood‘s? If the scream-o-meter Friday evening was any indication, Comic-Con’s Twi-hard contingent was still in full force, even if The Twilight Saga had no official presence at the convention for the first time in three years.

Hall H patrons got their vampire fix at Sony’s panel for Priest, the fantasy-action adaptation that stars Paul Bettany as a vampire-slaying holy man. Joining Bettany on stage before a packed house were two men better known for their other bloodsucker projects: Twilight‘s Cam Gigandet and True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer.

The double dose of hot male vamps had wannabe fangbangers shrieking, but which guy got the loudest catcalls?

That’s right—Twilight‘s bad boy, Gigandet.


Upcoming Movies for Twilight Cast

Kristen Stewart – ‘Welcome to the Rileys’,  ‘K-11′ and ‘On the Road’ – both in pre-production.


‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ star Michael Sheen gets an Emmy nomination for ‘Relationship’

Michael Sheen (“Aro” in The Twilight Saga: New Moon) is probably having a nice day today, considering he’s just been announced as one of this year’s Emmy nominees for his work in The Special Relationship.

Sheen is nominated for “Outstanding Lead Actor In A Miniseries Or A Movie” forRelationship, and the film itself received quite a few other nominations as well.

Relationship isn’t the only New Moon cast-related nomination on this morning’s list.

Jamie Campbell Bower (“Caius”)’s The Prisoner, Peter Facinelli (“Carlisle Cullen”)’sNurse Jackie, and Melissa Rosenberg (screenwriter)’s Dexter are also recognized in several categories (as is Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s “Handsome Men’s Club” episode which poked fun at Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner).

The Emmy Awards nominations are available in full here.


Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen In “Top 9 Sexiest Werewolves”

Taylor Lautner landed on the third spot of the “Top 9 Sexiest Werewolves”

This barely-legal teen has taken our vision of shape shifters to a whole new level. When he first found his powers with the pack in New Moon, we kept trying to remind ourselves of his age and put away naughty thoughts. Didn’t always work.

Michael Sheen landed on the sixth spot of the “Top 9 Sexiest Werewolves”

This yummy lycan from Underworld proves that even savage creatures still have a soft side, like when the film shows his trials with lover Sonja.

See the entire top here.