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Visit the Cullen’s House

Source: TwiFans

I really won’t mind trading my life and soul for this house… :)) 😛 :D…

If you think about it, being a vampire is much too fun not to trade all that… That if you’re one of Stephenie Meyer’s vampires…

And this house is just to die for… no pun intended :P:P:P


Jackson and Jasper’s Gifs

Source: Her Mother’s Eyes

Wow … this guy is way too hot. Love him!!!


Alice and Jasper Eclipse Video


Eclipse Scene in HQ – Fight Training (part of it)


Jasper Hale aka Jackson Rathbone – Damn he’s HOT!!!


New from Eclipse

My favorites from the books and movies are Alice and Jasper… You can say that I’m team Alice and Jasper… So for me… thia is the best pic ever… Source

The Romances of Twilight

Bella and Edward

The heart and soul of Twilight, Bella Swan and Edward Cullen have captured the imagination of millions worldwide. This modern-day Romeo and Juliet come from very different worlds – human and vampire. Everything is conspiring to keep them apart, but their intense chemistry and passion for one another will not be denied. To quote another Shakespeare play, the course of true love did never run smooth, and Bella and Edward know that for a fact. Their relationship has put both of them in danger — and it’s only going to get worse. Will their love be enough?

Bella and Jacob

Most of us have had this experience: One of your parent’s friends has a kid the same age you are, so you’re expected to be friends, with maybe a bit of puppy love thrown in. However, most of us don’t encounter a guy like Jacob at the backyard barbecue — sweet, caring, abs of steel, and oh yeah, that puppy love is literal because he becomes a werewolf. Jacob has been a stalwart friend to Bella since she first moved to Forks, but the relationship deepened when Edward left town. Now Jacob wants something more with Bella, and Bella may not be able to resist. This triangle is one of the essential struggles of the whole series.

Carlisle and Esme

Husband and wife Carlisle and Esme are the proud parents of the Cullen coven, but it took almost 300 years for them to find each other. Carlisle became a vampire in 1640s, and lived alone for years. He managed to go to night school at some point over the course of three centuries and became a doctor. In 1911, he treated a sprightly teenager’s broken leg… and met his future wife. Carlisle encountered Esma again in 1921, after she attempted suicide after the death of her child. Seeing she was near death, Carlisle turned her. Soon after, they fell in love and married. As time went on, their family grew as more vampires joined their coven.

Alice and Jasper

People talk about a couple who were “meant to be,” but with Alice and Jasper, we mean it. Alice had a vision of her soulmate and finally found him in a diner in Philadelphia. The lovebirds then tracked down the Cullens and joined the peace-loving, “vegetarian” coven. The relationship is not without its troubles, which often center around Bella — Alice considers Bella to be like a sister, while Jasper… well, he sometimes considers Bella to be like a really good steak.

Rosalie and Emmett

It’s a tale as old as time: Boy meets girl, boy turns out to be abusive idiot who rapes and nearly kills girl, girls gets turned into a vampire by a kindly doctor, girl gets rejected by boy for the first time in her life, girl sulks, girl meets boy who has been partially eaten by a bear, boy also gets turned into a vampire by the same kindly doctor, girl and boy become soulmates who will never be parted. While their love is strong, Rosalie isn’t always happy with their lives — she desperately wants to have a baby, but vampires can’t conceive.

James and Victoria

Love can make you do some awful things… especially when you’re a bloodthirsty vampire. James and Victoria’s love affair was cut short when the Cullens killed James (although to be fair, James was trying to kill Bella at the time.) Alas, Victoria holds a grudge, and she decides that Edwards needs to suffer like she did. Victoria vows to kill Bella to avenge James’ death, and she’s pretty serious about it, even creating an army of newborn vamps to take on the Cullens so she can destroy Bella. How’s that for a sign of true devotion? (Truthfully, we’d prefer flowers. Maybe chocolates. We’ll pass on the army and the bringing of death.)

Sam and Leah

Leah Clearwater and Sam Uley were young lovebirds before their transformations into werewolves. You’d think the couple that shapeshifts together stays together, but you’d be wrong: Sam imprinted on Leah’s cousin, Emily Young, making her his one true love for all eternity. Once Leah makes her own transformation into a werewolf, she understands that Sam and Emily were meant to be, but that doesn’t make it any easier for her to deal with. The fact that she can hear all of the pack’s thoughts– including Sam’s goopy-love-poetry thoughts for Emily — make it that much harder.

Sam and Emily

Sam and Emily are soulmates — something neither of them realized until Sam became a werewolf and imprinted on Emily. On the upside, it means that Sam will be completely devoted to Emily for the rest of their lives together. On the downside, dating a werewolf can be dangerous — when Sam lost his temper and shifted into wolf form, he mauled Emily. Now Emily lives with the scars and Sam lives with the guilt.


Carlisle (Peter Facinelli), Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) and Jane (Dakota Fanning) talk about Eclipse and their characters


‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Press Conference Live Blog: The Cullens

12:21 p.m. PT Robert Pattinson only just left us, but now we’re rushing The Cullens in.

12:23 p.m. Peter Facinelli, Liz Reaser, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz after the break…

12:23 p.m. This may get chaotic. Lots of people.

12:24 p.m. I take that back. Kellan is not here. And I wouldn’t recognize Rathbone if I saw him in the street. Geez he looks different.

12:26 p.m. “If you look at it from one side, he saved them, but if you look at it from a different point of view, it was a selfish action,” Facinelli says, regarding Carlyle’s feelings about his family and what brought them together.

12:27 p.m. Why should people see the movie? The film has something for everyone, Greene says. It’s got action! A love triangle! Jackson celebrates the “visceral vampire action.” Reaser is a David Slade fan and says he’s made the movie more dynamic. Nikki says it deals with very universal topics. Nikki admits that sometimes they’re “screaming and clawing” to show something within the love triangle.  “I think there was a misconception when ‘Twilight’ came out that it was just for pre-teen girls and teenage girls,” Facinelli says, claiming that men love the series, even if he compares it to a guy driving along listening to Barry Manilow on his stereo. Facinelli says that as a guy, this was his favorite book. “It’s got a lot of things going on for a lot of different people,” Facinelli promises, saying that fans from six to 80 have told him the same.

12:31 p.m. “I think it says a lot about Rosalie that she’s willing to contribute,” Nikki jokes when asked about what it says about the Cullens that they bond together around this outside, Bella. She adds, “I think it says a lot that when it comes down to it, the family is really willing to step up.” Facinelli adds, “We just want [Edward] to be happy.” Jackson adds, “It’s kind of a ‘Guest Who’s Coming to Dinner’ vibe.” I like that comparison.

12:34 p.m. Would they be open to doing spinoff films or whatever? “‘Twilight: The Musical’? Oh yeah, I’ve got my tap shoes prepared,” Facinelli says, grateful to what the “Twilight” films have done for all of them. “It’s cool for me to be in something that I’m a fan of as well,” he says. Nobody else answers. [There’s an *off* chance that the first quote there was from Jackson Rathbone. My angle here is tough.]

12:35 p.m. “I tried to add different things to make it my own. Definitely I had my vision of who Carlyle was,” Facinelli says, though he still says he sticks more to what was in the books. Carlyle’s scarves? All Peter!!! “I always thought of Carlyle as a perfect gentleman,” Facinelli explains, though he also suggests it might have something to do with not having his neck exposed. In “Eclipse,” though, the scarves have been toned down. There’s a scene in the movie where Carlyle addresses the werewolves and he did that scarf-free and then the scarves don’t return. He adds, “Maybe in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ we can bring them back.”

12:38 p.m. Fashion question for the ladies. Ashley has, indeed, lightened her hair! Apparently she did the hair lightening without telling Her Team. I’m not sure I’d have noticed, but she looks pretty darned attractive, regardless.

12:39 p.m. “I don’t know what I’m wearing,” Nikki Reed whispers. Don’t worry, Nikki! Wouldn’t have known how to spell the designer’s name anyway. Nikki vamps as Reaser checks her tag. The answer? Etro. I hope I spelled that correctly. Jackson, however, is changing clothes today for different things. [Hmmm… Listening to Jackson, I’m now thinking the music answer was him.]

12:41 p.m. They call their contact lenses “hubcaps.” They all have to spray paint their entire bodies, “Because none of us are as pale as a vampire,” Nikki explains.

12:42 p.m. “Being surrounded by another bunch of vampires helps,” Greene says, explaining what helps her get into character (beyond the contacts, makeup, etc). Facinelli adds, “We should all just go to a Starbucks” afterwards.

12:43 p.m. Facinelli is looking forward to working with Bill Condon. “You don’t get complacent,” Facinelli says, explaining the “freshness” that comes from working with different directors. He’s then asked about “Nurse Jackie” and “rumors” he may be up for an Emmy nomination. He’s used to working with different directors from his TV work. He calls Catherine Hardicke a cheerleader, compares “cool-as-ice” Chris Weitz to Carlyle Cullen and then says that David Slade was a mixture of both of the previous directors. He shot Season Two of “Nurse Jackie” and “Eclipse” at the same time. “They’re so distinct, those characters, that there’s no way of confusing them.”

12:46 p.m. What are they acting with in the werewolf scenes? Jackson says, “There’s a little guy in a gray suit.” And Facinelli adds, “If we’re lucky. It’s usually just a cardboard cutout.” Nikki says that Taylor Lautner didn’t want Kristen to have to act with a cardboard cutout, so he dressed in a skin-tight silver suit to play scenes opposite us. “He didn’t do that for us,” Facinelli kids.