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Twilight’s News Is Moving…

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WordPress’ “Twilight’s News” becomes Blogspot’s “Twilight’s News”

As I mentioned a while back the move was planned weeks ago, yet always something happened. Well, now we’ve done it. Still this is not the domain name move I was mentioning but to a new free blog server.  Sorry guys but business is low :P.

Anyway… starting on Monday 08.02.2010 we are on… I found it more useful and now I’ve made the move.

Step by step all the old posts will be moved there also, but for now you can read the latest 100 posts plus a few new ones.

So, the new address is learn it, bookmark it, share it… eh… you know what to do with it… Use it and abuse it…

Ah… there’s a poll there that I hope you’ll take a look at and maybe even vote on it… Please do so. It would mean the world to me…

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Boston TwiCon


London’s TwiCon pics

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Upcoming Movies for Twilight Cast

Kristen Stewart – ‘Welcome to the Rileys’,  ‘K-11′ and ‘On the Road’ – both in pre-production.


Twilight Eclipse Interview with Charlie Bewley (Demetri) – Charlie Bewley takes us behind the scenes on the new Twilight Movie

Charlie Bewley didn’t know what he was in story for when he signed up to play Demetri in the Twilight Saga. He hadn’t read the books, instead he relied on female friends to give him tips on how to play the character in the book. He talked to us recently about the new Twilight Eclipse film and the upcoming Breaking Dawn sequel.

What is your favourite part of being involved with the Twilight Saga?
CB: The best part about Twilight is that it opens so many doors, career wise, it really does. Both in publicity and further support in new films and stuff. I have had so many great opportunities since coming on board with this film.

Had you read the books before you did the film?
CB: No I hadn’t, no. I had to get a network of females to whip together Demetri’s information and with that I went into the audition – with all the information that was out there. But obviously, having got the role, you need to educate yourself as to what’s going on.


Charlie Bewley: “I’d love to freak the hell out of little girls in 3D!”

Although they have mostly lingered in the background for two films, I am transfixed by The Volturi. Jane, Aro, Demitri — all of them. Thankfully they take center stage in “The Twilight Saga‘s” final two chapters, “Breaking Dawn” parts one and two.

But we still have 18 months until cresting sunrise, so let’s focus instead on “Eclipse” — which is devouring the box office right now. I chatted with Charlie Bewley, who plays Volturi tracker Demetri about joining the franchise, crafting that eye-gouging hairdo and his hopes for a 3D finale.


Eclipse’s Charlie Bewley: Former Stripper Pole Salesman

By Isley Kasica

Before making his major motion picture debut as the Volturi clan’s mysterious vampire Demetri inNew Moon, British-born Charlie Bewley was studying acting in Vancouver and spending his free time pursuing his love of sports and adventure.

Now that he’s starring in the box-office hit The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, here are five things you should know about one of Hollywood’s hottest newcomers:


Booboo Stewart & Charlie Bewley on “Lopez Tonight”


Jackson, Peter, Billy, Boo Boo, Charlie and Julia visiting the Eclipse Campers

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Charlie Brewley: Topless In Cosmo UK!!