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A brand new vampire story

Hi guys,

While “Passage to Eternity“, the fanfic, is, let’s say, under construction, I just started working on a brand new vampire story called “Dincolo de aparente“. This one is in Romanian, and the only thing “Twilight” related is that there are vampires involved in the action and that they have many of the characteristics of the “Twilight” vampires. But that is basically where the likeness stops.

Dincolo de aparente

Dincolo de aparente

Here´s a short spoiler!!!

Abigail Kennikott is a 17 years old girl that moves with her aunt to a new town. She seems like every other teenager her age, but actually, she is a 210 years old vampire, and so is her aunt. They moved to Waitsburg, after Nathanial, Aby´s boyfriend, who was also a vampire, was killed. As she revenged Nate´s death, the town she lived in back then found out what she was.

In Waitsburg, Aby finds herself facing the past, the present and future while fighting for her life and happiness.

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