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Stephenie’s Favorite Eclipse Flashback

By Kallieross

TST(Kallie): Ok, I have a question… It is movie related… In Eclipse we get a lot of background for Rosalie, Jasper and the Quileutes. Which I love, love, love!  it’s my favorite part of reading the book, and getting to know the characters.  So which of the backgrounds are you most excited, or have you been most excited to played out on film?

SM: I found Jasper’s really exciting.

TST(Kallie): That’s what I’m most excited about!

SM: I think that having read them… Well, when I was writing them I really liked the Quileute background.

TST(Kallie): I love the Quileutes, and so for me, I was so excited to see the third wife and all that.  But because reading Bree (The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner) I am so excited to see Jackson’s background being played out.

SM: They’re short in the movie, becasue they have to be.  That’s always the heartbreak of them. The biology scene… it kills you because you want to see Rob and Kristen do that.

LT: It’ll just be five hours long!

SM: Yah! So it was hard to have them shortened down.  I think that Nikki Reed will surprise you in her section, she does so great!

TST(Kassie): I’m excited about that!

TS(Matt): She does so great!

Everyone: Arguing about spoilers!  NO SPOILERS!

SM: She really did!

TF(Kim): She looked amazing!

SM: She looked good!  The period piece was really fun!  They did have to shorten that down, and there were things I was sad to loose.  Again, hope for the DVD extras!  I’m always looking forward to those.  But Jackson as a human was awesome!

Everyone: We want to see it!

SM: And, I know there are issues with his hair… right!?!

Everyone: Laughing!

SM: I hear these things!  I love his hair in this one.  When he is human, and his hair in the practice fight… He had a mohawk for this because he just did Airbender. I always pictured Jasper with a little bit longer hair.  I like it when it’s messy.  When they try to smooth it, it kind of loses it for me, but I liked this one.  It’s a little longer.  We were really excited the first time we saw the wig pictures… We were like, “Oh! Nice!”  You know, it’s different right?  But that happens because they’re all people and, you know, they’re getting older.  Vampires don’t do that, but they’re human.

Everyone: Yah!

TST: Awesome!



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