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The liberation of the “Twilight Woman”, My Liberation

The liberation of the “Twilight Woman” is a post that I found on and decided to also post it here, because of the message it sends.

Before letting you read the article, I feel the need to tell you a little about me.

I’m a 20-something young woman, whose main interests until a few months ago were going to school, working, friends, having a great relationship and being as mature as possible. I thought my life was good, if not the best. Who knew that things could get more interesting, that life could get better?

When I first saw “Twilight” and then “New Moon” I had now idea of the phenomena that “Twilight” really was, moreover I had no clue that it had so many fans, so without knowing anything about it, I become a fan. And day after day, I become more and more in love with it, with all of it: books, movies, characters, cast, everything.

Now my main interests are: friends, school and work, my boyfriend and being mature, and “Twilight”.

Still, there are not few the ones that think my passion for a movie, for a book is childish or insane and due to this there are few people who I share my thoughts about the matter. I talk to friends about all sorts of things but never “Twilight”. My boyfriend and my BFF are the only ones that support me and even though we don’t see eye to eye they do an effort. Nevertheless there are still plenty of moments when I’m truly ashamed about my passion.

After reading this article I’ll do my best to not be anymore. Because no one should  be ashamed of what they’re passionate about.

by CourtneyPopLife

I no longer feel embarrassed about my “Twilight” obsession. But it’s taken me a while to get to this point…

A little over a year ago I went from an “advancing 20-something” puppy obsessed dog mama / wannabe cook, to a tunnel vision “Twilight” junkie. For a while – nothing else mattered! Well, I mean it did – but it just didn’t hold my attention for long. I was swallowed up in the romance of Edward Cullen and I had projected myself onto Bella Swan. I fretted over Jacob Black and how confusing it was to love both vampire and werewolf – and then when I had to, I went to work.

Shortly thereafter, I started a blog and I laid it all out there. And yes, I got teased by lotsa peeps for my…ah hem, teen love affair. For a long time I felt kind of embarrassed about my “Twilight” obsession. Being that no one I knew in the physical world(i.e. not online) was a “Twilight” fan, other than the one friend who recommended the books to me, I felt sort of exposed and vulnerable every time I mentioned the books that, up until that point, where predominantly known as a teen phenomenon.

Not just for teens anymore…

Over time though, other “Twilight” woman just like me where exposing themselves as well. It turns out; I had lots of friends that had immersed themselves into the books! Whether they came before me, or perhaps my Facebook rants had inspired them to pick up and read, they joined me in my unbridled love affair with, yes – a teen love story. Over the course of the last several months though, I’ve noticed something. The pendulum has swung in the direction of the “Twilight Woman”. Be it the movies that helped garner interest to the ladies above 21, this phenomenon is no longer just for the tweeny boppers, thank you very much! You can’t turn on a TV, pull up Yahoo!, or walk passed a magazine rack and not see something “Twilight” related. It’s the biggest pop culture juggernaut we’ve seen in years and I’m sorry, if you aren’t aware – WAKE THE HELL UP!

4th of July “Twilight” love fest

This past weekend I went down to LA, Hermosa Beach to be exact, and my girlfriend and I were super excited to see “Eclipse” in IMAX on Saturday night. We both giggled that although this was 4th of July weekend on the freagin’ beach, we were more excited about the Edward-Bella-Jacob love triangle in our near future (her first time, my second!). We stupidly dragged our signif others, who fell asleep most immediately as the lights went dim (in all fairness, we drank all day and it was 10pm!). And of course, we swooned and elbowed each other at every striking Edward pose and every Jacob ab.

The next day, on the 4th, my friend had a BBQ at her house. I dawned my semi see through “Team Edward” tee over my bathing suit because it was cute and naturally, it got a lot of comments from the ladies entering the party. Suddenly, I found myself in deep conversations with a group of girls all discussing the intense pull that the books and movies have for ladies of all ages – all over margs and wine! And as we got more and more light headed from tequila and Chardonnay, we decided we needed to play a “Twilight” drinking game! Yes, we watched silly little Twi vids on YouTube and drank every time we wanted to *BLEEP* Robert Pattinson! HA! The guys were complaining that all the ladies were in the living room and no one was paying attention to them, creating quite the sausage fest in the backyard!

Vindication never tasted so good

My point is, I feel vindicated – liberated if you will. I no longer feel embarrassed about my Twi-session. It’s reached the masses and it’s breaking box office records. Teenagers don’t pull in $100 million+ opening weeks alone. It’s girlies (and guys!) from ages 17 to 70 making this thing the snowball that it is. Because no matter how young or old you are, we all hold that fantasy of a relationship dripping in romance in which the other half of the equation just so happens to be a brutally handsome guy! Throw in a little competition by yet another abtastic fellow fighting for you affection and you’ve got yourself the tastiest sandwich you ever dreamed of! Enough said!

Now, time to start re-reading “Breaking Dawn”. I’ve got a juicy honeymoon to attend to…!


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