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EXCLUSIVE!!! Exclusive Booboo Stewart Interview

By Tai Exclusive Booboo Stewart InterviewAt the Phoenix Twilight Convention, Booboo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater in the Twilight movie franchise, excited the fans by taking the time to personally chat with anyone who approached him at his booth, where his family joined and supported him. Sporting an adorable grin, he signed items for the fans and thanked everyone for their fan support. Although he has just turned sixteen, he seems to have a good head on his shoulder, and much kudos goes to his family as well for helping him stay grounded.

Despite the hectic schedule, Booboo (real name Nils Allen Stewart Jr.) was kind enough to take the time to answer a few (okay, not exactly a “few”) questions from QWP!

Booboo Stewart Interview Questions from Fans Exclusive Booboo Stewart Interview1. QWP: Who is your favorite actor who is involved in the Twilight Saga and why?
Booboo Stewart: I think myself, because you have to like yourself, Hahaha.

2. QWP: What is your favorite aspect of Seth?
Booboo Stewart: I think if Seth was a real person he would be a really down to earth guy.

3. QWP: Did you feel a lot of pressure coming into a hugely successful and well established franchise? Did the dedication of the Twilight fans intimidate you?
Booboo Stewart: No, I didn’t really feel a lot of pressure, everyone on set was so welcoming. I really love the fans they are so loyal.

4. QWP: What was your reaction to getting the part? Where were you at the time?
Booboo Stewart: I was excited!, I was at my house eating lunch and after I finished with the phone call my mom made me go do the yard work.

5. QWP: Do you feel you are prepared for the fan craze after Eclipse?
Booboo Stewart: Yeah! Hopefully I’m ready, Hahaha.

6. QWP: What is your favorite fan encounter?
Booboo Stewart: All of them, because they are all so different.

7. QWP: What was your favorite moment on set?
Booboo Stewart: The first time I arrived on set. It felt so good to be there.

8. QWP: Did you feel any qualms about having to cut your hair for the role of Seth?
Booboo Stewart: It was really weird the first couple of weeks, but because it was for the role it was awesome!

9. QWP: Whit is Julia Jones like off-screen?
Booboo Stewart: She is really nice. Exclusive Booboo Stewart Interview10. QWP: What would be your “dream role”?
Booboo Stewart: To play Aladdin in “Arabian Nights”, I think it would be cool to fly on a magic carpet!

11. QWP: Has life changed for you quite a bit after being cast as Seth Clearwater?
Booboo Stewart: Yeah! Every day it gets a little more exciting!

12. QWP: What would you be doing if you were not in the entertainment industry?
Booboo Stewart: I would be a professional Yo-yo-er.

13. QWP: It is admirable that you are supporting a charity to help others through your fame. Of all the charities to support, what made you decide to choose MDA?
Booboo Stewart: I choose MDA because it really makes you realize how much you have and I think it’s amazing how that they have raised so much money.

14. QWP: Do you have any advice to boys 12 and under who are aspiring to become an actor?
Booboo Stewart: Just never give up, it’s really hard but you have to keep trying.

15. QWP: What is the key to remaining grounded when so many young actors in Hollywood fall for the “Hollywood Trap” and lose themselves?
Booboo Stewart: Just too always have my family around me. They are so supportive of me.

16. QWP: Was there an actor you bonded with immediately on the set? Who was it?
Booboo Stewart: The person running craft services, Hahaha. Exclusive Booboo Stewart InterviewRandom, Fun Questions:

17. QWP: If a caveman and an astronaut battle, who would win and why?
Booboo Stewart: A caveman, because he’s crazy like an animal.

18. QWP: Create your ideal sandwich. What would you put in it?
Booboo Stewart: Peanut butter, honey, marshmallows, jelly and syrup.

19. QWP: What was your most non-work-related embarrassing moment (that you can share with your fan)?
Booboo Stewart: This one time I was playing laser tag and we were running, I turned around really fast and this girl turned around and she punched me in the face accidentally, Hahaha.

20. QWP: If each of your Wolf Pack brother and sisters were to turn into other animals (other than wolves), what would they be?
Booboo Stewart: Hummm…..I’m not sure about the others, but, I would turn into a monkey.

21. QWP: Can you give a shout out to all your fans at
Booboo Stewart: Hey! fans, Thank you for all your support and for being so loyal!

Thank you BooBoo! Exclusive Booboo Stewart Interview Exclusive Booboo Stewart Interview



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