All the news that you can handle! ♦ Taylor Lautner on Breaking Dawn Movie Two Film Split, Director Bill Condon, Renesmee, and 3-D Version

Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, gives his thoughts on the split of Breaking Dawn into two films in a new interview. Overall, he’s thrilled by the decision–

“I definitely think it was the right thing to do, for the movie and for the book, It’s hard enough to condense 500 pages into a script, but to condense 800 and everything that’s going on in ‘Breaking Dawn,’ it would have been impossible.”

Taylor also has a part of the new films he’s nervous about–but also really excited for–

“It’s the part I’m most looking forward to and the part I’m most nervous about: Renesmee, the baby,” he said, referring to the vampire baby spawned by Edward and Bella. Upon Renesmee’s birth, Jacob finds himself inexplicably drawn to the baby, effectively ending his feud with Edward over Bella’s heart. “That should be very interesting to film. But I’m looking forward to it! I’ve got the direction of Bill Condon, so I’ll be fine.”

Taylor Lautner also gives his view on new director Bill Condon and the idea that the last two films in the Twilight Saga could be shot in 3D:

“I met him briefly, very quickly, but not about ‘Breaking Dawn.’ He seems like a very nice guy,” the actor said. “Obviously, he’s ridiculously talented, so I’m excited that I’m getting to work with him twice.” “Usually, 3-D is best when it takes you into another world,” he explained. “I could see it going both ways. As long as we have the story line down and as long as we bring what was written on the pages in the book to life, then we’ll be fine no matter what we do.”



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