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My Eclipse Review


  • favorite scenes:
    • sex talk (funny as hell)
    • tent scene (funny but tense)
    • new-born army fighting (exactly how I pictured it in my mind while reading “The Twiligh Saga: Eclipse” and “The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner”; the breaking effect was super cool)
    • Bella and Jacob’s kiss (I know that Team Edward fans will all hate me, but I found it much more sensual than any other kiss from this particular movie)
    • graduation scene (it really was emotional and I loved the way the parents were presented <Charlie and Carlisle>)
    • training scene (no comment, just great)
    • Bella hitting Jake (looked perfect)
  • favorite characters:
    • Rosalie and her story where great but could have been better
    • The Cold One – fabulous
    • Jasper and his back story great, great great… Just loved it!!!
    • Edward’s new look is great
    • Charlie looked better than ever in “Eclipse”
    • loved Riley


  • scenes:
    • the Bella and Jacob “Farewell” scene didn’t do it for me… sorry
    • new-born army ravaging Seattle seemed plain
  • characters:
    • Esmes’s eyes seemed orange in the Volturi+Cullen scene
    • Leah could have had a bigger part and same goes for Seth
    • I used to be pro Bryce as Victoria but after seeing the movie I regret it. She’s not Victoria, she could never portray her as it should. Rachelle Lefevre was and always be the only Victoria.


The movie was great. I just loved it. I left the theater smiling and remembering with great pleasure the whole thing. Overlooking the things I considered to be not so good, it is mainly as I pictured it. Lot’s of action, which I just loved, lot’s of romance, as it should and lot’s of shirtless wolfpack, which was delicious.


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