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Robsten’s “Rare” Chemistry: Is It Good for Business?

Eclipse opens today, and Twi-fans will swarm the theaters over the holiday weekend for many different reasons. But in our unbiased opinion, it’s the chemistry between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart that really carries this franchise (sure, it doesn’t hurt that they’re dating).

Producer Wyck Godfrey recently told Time magazine he doesn’t think of Rob and Kristen’s romance in a good-for-business way, just that he hopes they “stay together” so there’s nothing awkward on set as they finish up the last two movies. Jeez, where did you read that a few times before?

But does the rest of the cast agree?

“Their chemistry is what has built this franchise,” screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg says about Stewart and Pattinson. “I could be the most brilliant screenwriter in the world, the books could be the most brilliant thing in the world, the director could be the most brilliant person in the world, and none of it means anything if those two leads have no chemistry. Rob and Kristen have a very rare and enticing chemistry.”


“It’s phenomenal,” Sarah Clarke, who plays Bella’s mother, says about Rob and Kristen’s heat. “They are super grounded, which is great, considering everything they are going through.”

Sarah added that from the time when they first started Twilight to now, the fans excitement over “Robsten” has greatly increased:

“The fans of course were fanatical in Vancouver by the time I got there [to shoot Eclipse]. I had been away so I had no idea how strong it had changed from Twilight to now. The fact that every time I went out, fans were like, ‘Are you going to see them?’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m just going to the drugstore!'”

As for how Rob and Kristen smartly attempt to keep their private lives private, the cast members totally support how they handle all the speculation, but don’t think it’s on purpose.

“They are very private people,” Alex Meraz dishes about how his costars stay mum on their relationship. “I don’t even know if they are together or not, honestly, but I just think it’s who they are as people and it’s what they bring to their work [that makes the franchise successful].”

“You know it’s an old showbiz rule,” human Michael Welch laughed. “You leave them wanting more! I don’t think that was intentional on their part, though. I think it’s worked out very nicely.”



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