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Rob & Kristen Hang Tight! And Other Eclipse Cast Premiere Rituals

Rob & Kristen Hang Tight! And Other Eclipse Cast Premiere Rituals

Rob & Kristen Hang Tight! And Other Eclipse Cast Premiere Rituals

Does the Eclipse premiere already seem like a million years ago? Thousands of screaming fans, hundreds of reporters, just your average premiere day if you’re one of the stars of Eclipse.

So how do Robert Pattinson & Co. prep for a day like that?

“Just freak out,” Rob told us Thursday night.

Well, good thing he had Kristen Stewart give him a pep talk ahead of time:

As we first told you, R & K had lunch together at Swingers on Beverly Boulevard Thursday afternoon, before looking fierce on the black carpet together later on.

In fact, the outfit you see Kristen walking out of the restaurant in was the same tank she switched back into for the official Eclipse afterparty.

“[Kristen and Rob] were eating at a table in the back of the restaurant, sitting next to each other with a few hipster looking friends,” is how our non Twi-hard source puts it. “They were actually really cute together, a few PDA strokes here and there. They just looked like a normal couple.”

Another duo who sticks together before the big night? Besties Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser.

We asked Nikki if she talks to Kristen, Elizabeth, or Ashley Greene on premiere days to sort out what they’re wearing and all that fun stuff ahead of time.

“No,” N.R. said shaking her head, quickly adding, “well, me and Elizabeth do!”

“We call each other during hair and makeup. We’re like you good? Yeah. You good? Yeah. What are you wearing? Can you eat? I can’t,” laughed Nikki. “Every time!”

Still, Reed told us reporters she still gets jitters, but it ain’t about us.

“You know what makes me nervous?” N.R. asked in her Marchesa dress. “How nervous my 10-year-old brother is! Am I handling everything fine, am I taking care of my family?”

Presh! Speaking of fam, Taylor Lautner told us his good buds Rob and Kristen are what get him through premieres.

“I mean we always are together,” the well groomed teen dished. “We’re either promoting, filming, it’s always something so we’re very close friends. I’m very thankful we are so close.”

“I’m very thankful we get along, so yeah, it’s great,” TL said about pumping himself up with R & K on big days.

As for Ash?

“The ritual is at this point to put on some music and chill out, have a couple friends over. Otherwise, it will get overwhelming,” A.G. said in her Alexis Mabille gown. “Oh, and I work out. Then the hair and makeup brigade comes over.”



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