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One of the laziest gossip tricks is to “prove” a tired, wrong idea with selective photography. Why try to bend public opinion toward the truth when it’s far easier to play up misconceptions?

A prime example is the incessant portrayal of Kristen Stewart as “sad” or “sullen” or “gloomy” when she makes appearances to promote movies.

“Another day, another glum face from Kristen Stewart,”whines the Sun from the red carpet in Rome last week, where the actress premiered The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

From there, the newspaper writes an entire article about how “awkward” and “uncomfortable” Stewart appeared, using — surprise! — a photo of the actress in between smiles.

“Perhaps she should sack the stylist, wear her jeans and then we’ll see a grin creep through,” the Sun sneers.


Or “perhaps” Stewart was smiling in Rome, but the outlet just chose not to show it.

Gossip Cop decided to help the Sun with its reporting, since it seems the paper only grabbed one photo from the premiere.

Here’s Kristen Stewart smiling at the same event. She’s also looking happy herehere, and here.

Oh, and here.

In case the Sun considers those photos flukes, here’s an entire gallery of Stewart looking happy with Taylor Lautner at another photocall in Rome on the same day.

The only thing that’s “awkward” here is the paper’s attempt to pretend none of these smiles actually happened.



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