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Robert Pattinson Hates Edward Cullen’s Eyes

Pattinson dishes on his Twilight dislike.

Many Twilight fans separate the actorRobert Pattinson from his Twilightcharacter, Edward Cullen — and a lot of you actually prefer Cullen to Pattinson. But Robert Pattinson has confessed that the characteristic that turns him into EdwardCullen is the one he hates the most — want to see?

Robert Pattinson is bugged by Edward Cullen’s eyes — he’s said, “If I could change anything about Edward … I think it would probably be the contact lenses, because they make me miserable once I put them in.” That misery, however, is what helps Rob transform into Edward: “They sort of create the pouting and brooding character,” he says.

Meanwhile Pattinson also hated the way that Edward ran in the first two movies.”I had to learn how to run properly,” Pattinson says. “In the last two [films] I was running with a limp skip, and I had to look like I could run more solidly this time.

“So I spent a lot of time on a giant treadmill… and I got filmed doing it to improve my form.”

And, can you believe this? Robert Pattinson is going to shave his head for Breaking Dawn: “Vampires can cut their hair,” he said, “so I like the idea of Edward having a shaved head in the next one. That could be kind of cool.”

Or hot! Flip through our latest slideshow of Robert Pattinson as he’s filming Water for Elephants. Meanwhile here’s one thing we bet Robert Pattinson doesn’t hate about Twilight — the tent scene in Eclipseis going to be erotic, he says!



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