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‘Eclipse’: Top 13 Reasons to Join Team Edward!

1. His Brooding Stare

Whether they’re black or amber, Edward’s eyes are always deep and mysterious. It’s clear they’re hiding a lifetime of passion and pain, as well as a few deep dark secrets. Catch his gaze for even a minute, and you can’t help but go weak in the knees.

2. His Responsible Nature

Even though his maturity and traditional values can sometimes get on Bella’s nerves, she knows Edward just wants what’s best for her. Whether he’s pressuring her to meet her potential by applying to ivy league colleges or insisting they wait until marriage to have sex, he’s always there to give his lady a gentle nudge in the right direction.

3. His Unwavering Bravery

Edward isn’t afraid of anything. But his courage isn’t too surprising given the fact that vampires are the most deadly predators on the planet. And even though werewolves put up a goof fight, the only real danger comes from other vampires. But even when pitted against an evil vamps like Victoria and the Volturi (pictured), Edward refuses to back down — especially when Bella’s life is on the line.

4. His Pale Pallor

Edward’s wintry white skin serves as a constant reminder that pale is the new tan. Baking in the sun is so 1999. And while vampires are forced to avoid the sun (at least around humans), it’s clear that Bella is a fan of SPF 50. A perfect match!

5. His Flawless Fashion Sense

Any cool high schooler knows that style is everything. With Edward’s effortless layering, dark-washed jeans and perfectly coiffed hair, it’s no wonder he’s the most eligible bachelor at Forks High. And when he adds his signature Ray-Bans (even though there’s no sun!), let the swooning begin.

6. His Years of Experience

Edward may be 17, but as he explains, he’s been 17 “for a while.” Well, since 1918, to be exact. With his 90-plus years as a hunky teenager, he’s sure to have learned a few things. And judging by Bella’s reaction whenever they lock lips, his skills aren’t limited to fighting mountain lions.

7. His Quiet Confidence

Edward’s not your typical high-school Big Man on Campus. He knows the whole school is infatuated with him and his family — he can even hear his classmates’ constant thoughts about the Cullens’ good looks and mysterious personas. And who can blame them? But instead of being conceited, Edward’s calm reserve and casual confidence add to his appeal.

8. His Expert Dance Moves

Vampires can do anything and everything with grace and coordination: racing through the woods, jumping from tree limbs … even dancing the waltz. And Edward is no exception. His skills come in handy when he escorts Bella to the prom. Since she’s suffering a broken leg, he lets her stand on top of his feet to dance. How chivalrous!

9. His Rock-Hard Abs

Edward gives new meaning to the term “hard body.” His perfectly sculpted chest, abs and arms are rock-hard — literally. His indestructible stone-like body (covered with dots to create the visual effect of his skin glittering in the sun during a trip to Italy in New Moon) is smooth and powerful without the slightest hint of flab. Is there such a thing as negative-percent body fat?

10. His Unexpected Sense of Humor

Drinking blood, fighting off enemies, hiding his true identity — it’s safe to say that most of Edward’s life is pretty serious stuff. But if anyone can bring out his lighter side, it’s his one true love, Bella. When there’s no immediate danger on the horizon, the sarcastic and witty vamp reveals that he’s actually a pretty fun — and funny — guy.

11. His Unselfish Priorities

When Edward discovers that Bella’s oldest friend is a werewolf — and his mortal enemy — he’s not exactly thrilled. But for Bella’s sake, he attempts to swallow his pride and accept Jacob Black as Bella’s best buddy. And when Jake tries to sneak past the friend zone, Edward even considers that it might be better if he stepped aside. After all, in the spectrum of supernatural creatures, dating a wolf is safer for Bella than dating a vampire.

12. His Superhuman Dexterity

When Edward pushes his body to the limit, it’s obvious he’s much more than a mere mortal. His speed, strength and reflexes are helpful when hunting and fighting off enemies. But his tree-climbing abilities are just plain fun. Without even flinching, he can throw Bella on his back and climb to the highest tree top — like in this rare moment of interrupted privacy enjoying the breathtaking view of the Pacific Northwest.

13. His Protective Side

Bella’s well-being is always Edward’s primary concern — even it means leaving her for good. When he decides her involvement in the vampire world is sacrificing her safety, he knows what he has to do. Even though it breaks his heart for them to be apart, he can’t continue putting her life at risk.



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