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Are Or Aren’t They A COUPLE?

Whether you’re a Robsten lover or a Nonsten hater there is a tabloid for you this week.

US Weekly has Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the cover saying how Rob is “obsessed” with her and ready to pop the question after living together this summer. Meanwhile, Life & Style claims Rob dumped her earlier this year because Stewart is “such a downer” and the “magic has drained” from their relationship.

Let us clear a few things up for you, starting with, yes Rob and Kristen have been shacking up:

“Rob has rented a place in Los Angeles. It’s in the most random area so he’s been able to hide out a lot,” a source tells us of Pattinson’s digs while filming Water for Elephants. “Kristen lives with her parents, but she has been spending most of her time staying with Rob.”

However, unlike US makes it seem, Deep Twi tells us Rob is not going all fatal attraction on Stewart.

“They have a normal relationship,” adds our insider. “They are 20 and 24 years old! They’re just going with it, they like being around each other, but it’s not like Rob is pushing Kristen down the aisle. They are both very career driven in the end, and that’s something they can share together. That’s why they are able to make it work.”

As for whether it’s been all hearts and rainbows since the beginning of their relationship, of course not, every couple goes through their ups and downs. But we’ve been assured Rob has not “dumped” Kristen and they are still together.

As for where Robsten stands, literally, right now, they are off on their press tour for Eclipse. We’ve been told that Rob and Kristen (and Taylor Lautner) especially are all in work mode right now.

“Rob and Kristen are working from the moment they wake up until they go to bed,” a studio source tells us of their Eclipse duties. “So it’s not exactly like they have time to go out on all these dates. They are working. But they also kind of make sure they are always near each other.”

So pick your poison, or your magazine, this week to fulfill some of your over the top Rob and Kristen fantasies. But let us just assure you, Rob and Kristen are totally fine.



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