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“Bella Jacket” Causes Bizarre Twilight Lawsuit (VIDEO)

Have you ever seen your favorite movie star in an item of clothing that looked so fantastic you just HAD to run out and buy it? Of course you have. I know I have… that’s why I have so many so called “wife beater” tank top T shirts… I saw The Godfather like a million times and Sonny Corleone was my favorite character.

But seriously, the fashion industry is supposedly based on this idea. Although, truth be told, we rarely see anyone actually dressed in the clothes paraded down most runways.

Not true for the “Bella Jacket” as its become known. Right now it’s the hottest selling piece of apparel in the world… but not for long.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the very jacket that Kristen Stewart’s character, Bella Swan, was wearing in the original Twilight movie at the moment she meets Edward Cullen is THE biggest selling item sold by a company called BB Dakota.

Soon after the movie went supersonic the clothing company redubbed the plain, blue canvas spring/fall jacket the “Bella Jacket” and a new superstar was born.

But if Summit Entertainment has its way, the company will have to stop making the item and destroy all the stock left in its warehouses… is that nuts?

It would seem that Summit has already made plenty of dough on the franchise… why do they need more?

Good thing they weren’t around when Sonny was cut down at the toll plaza…

Here’s a video of the last 3 girls in the world who bought their favorite color (it also comes in forest green and white) before the injunction.



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