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Taylor Lautner Finds It Hard To Keep Muscles For The Twilight Films

Taylor Lautner has said he finds it hard to maintain the ripped abs that his role as Jacob in the Twilight films requires.

The young actor almost didn’t return for New Moon because of the bulking up needed for the part.

But now he’s ready to show off his muscles inEclipse next month. Lautner told Access Hollywood about preparing to film third instalment in the saga.

He said: “I did the same thing I did to put it on in the first place – a lot of hours in the gym. The most challenging part for me is the eating process.

“The interesting thing is it’s just as hard to maintain it as it was to put in on in the first place. I didn’t know that.”

Lautner added: “We’re busy promoting these films and I don’t have time to get into the gym, I don’t have time to eat, and I’ll drop five pounds. It’s pretty hard to put it back on.”

Last week it was confirmed that the final book in the series Breaking Dawn will be split into two by studio Summit.

So heartthrob Taylor will have to put in a lot more hours in the gym before he can slouch on the sofa!



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