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The ‘Twilight’ body: Michael Welch on keeping up with supernatural fitness

The vampires and werewolves of “The Twilight Saga” are sworn enemies, but they unite on one common cause: gym memberships for everybody!

With the rippling abs of the Quileute wolf pack (led by Taylor Lautner), the flat-stomached vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and the impossible muscle mass of his fanged brother Emmett (a shredded Kellan Lutz) — admit it, it’s hard out there for a human.

In last year’s “New Moon,” actor Michael Welch charmed as the bumbling regular boy with eyes forKristen Stewart‘s Bella Swan. And he’s the first to admit he was no Men’s Fitness cover.

“It’s funny, I didn’t look very good in ‘New Moon.’ I noticed that,” Welch said. “I think a lot of people noticed that.”

It wasn’t “New Moon” that caught the Ministry’s eye. It was a recent behind-the-scenes video from a Seventeen magazine shoot with Welch that gave us the heads-up — he’s been working out since we last saw him.

“I’ve been working out since the beginning of the year; I finally just had to get a trainer,” Welch said. “I just can’t do it on my own. I’m not motivated enough, but this is Hollywood.”

The actor, 22, said there was no pressure from Summit Entertainment or his management to shed some pounds, just a part of feeling better.

“I’m not really trying to build out too much, I’m trying to get some lean muscle going on,” he said. “Just trying to look the best I can.”

Does this mean he’ll be giving his costars a run for their money?

“I’m not trying to compete with Taylor Lautner. … I don’t even try to compete, I just have my little niche. I’ll let them top all the ‘hot’ lists.”

His schedule is certainly hot. Welch will promote “Eclipse” this month with surprise appearances around the country, plus a four-day run with the Blank Theatre Company’s Nationwide Young Playwrights Festival in Hollywood.

After the Twi-madness, Welch will hit a U.S. military base in Germany to visit with troops in conjunction with the USO.



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