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“EXCLUSIVE! R-Patz Partied Too Hard At The MTV Movie Awards — Had A Huge Hangover On Set Of New Film ‘Water For Elephants’ Monday!” reads the headline ofanother exclusive-ly wrong storyfrom HollywoodLife – the same site that once claimed Robert Pattinsonwas quitting acting.


“It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson likes to get his drink on, but booze is definitely NOT his BFF,” write HollywoodLife, which adds, “In fact, partying like a rockstar at MTV’s Movie Awards post-party June 6 caused the 24-year-old British hottie to have a truly terrible day at work the next day. Can you say ‘epic hangover?’”

Wait, a source on the set is relating something that allegedly happened FOUR DAYS ago.

How exactly was the info transmitted, via carrier pigeon?

Even if you can forget the non-timeliness of this tale, according to the site, their info about Pattinson being “hungover” came from “an insider on the Filmore, Calif. set of Rob’s new drama, Water For Elephants.”

Then, in the next paragraph, after alleging that Pattinson ‘got his drink on’ following the MTV Movie Awards, HollywoodLife says, “Continues the source, ‘There was alcohol available backstage [at the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, Calif.] and Rob was also minglingafter the show with the cast, studio execs and other people that attended the show. He probably stayed longer than he should have… and threw a few back.”

So the set “insider” also observed him at the Movie Awards?

We don’t think so.

It’s just another sloppy, fabricated “exclusive” from HollywoodLife.

But to double and triple check, Gossip Cop asked a source on the set, who told us that Pattinson was “100 percent fine.” A rep for 20th Century Fox added, “It’s absolutely not true.”



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