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Kellan, Ashley & Xavier to present at the 2010 Much Music Video Awards!

Listen up Twerds! Three of the Eclipse cast members (Kellan, Ashley & Xavier) will be presenting at this years Much Music Video Awards! From Much Music:

“Has anyone heard of that little vampire movie called Twilight? No? Hmmm….that’s weird…….cause Much has got Clan Cullen WALKING DOWN THE RED CARPET! Yes – you read it here first thing this morning! Can you believe it!

Don’t you want to be the person shouting: OMG! That’s Ashley GreeneKellan Lutz, and newbie hunkXavier Samuel!

Also known as Alice and Emmett Cullen, and introducing new vamp character Riley (that’s right – Much has got him just for you TEN DAYS before the world meets him in the premiere of Eclipse!), we’re hoping for some juicy little Twilight tidbits!



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