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Rob’s Premiere Magazine Interview Translated

“For the first time I realized how weird I will feel when the saga is over” – ROBERT PATTINSON.

Since you’re not Amish or a character from Lost (stop me right here if I’m wrong), we won’t bother presenting Robert Pattinson, 24, the vampire who sparkles in the sun; the actor unknown two years ago who conquered Hollywood and turn girls all over the world, very pale. You already know that. You must know,as well, that Eclipse,Twilight (put in the hands of David Slade, Hard Candy’s director) will open July 7th, only seven months after New Moon.

The vampire series weighs today more than a billion dollars in the worldwide box-office but this isn’t over since fourth installment, Breaking Dawn, is expectedon November 2011.

Pattinson is crawling under the new projects and is negociating now an important turn in his career: becoming the new Johnny Depp or joining Orlando Bloom and Hayden Christensen on the bench.

Just as he finished filming Bel Ami, based on Maupassant’s novel and as he was about to start on Water for Elephants, a drama by Francis Lawrence (I Am legend) with Reese Witherspoon and Christopher Waltz, we caught RPattz for an exclusive interview.

Première: The last time we talked, you were filming New Moon, the second Twilight movie. Here we are again, a year later for the opening of Eclipse. I’m having a hard time keeping up it’s going so fast …

Robert Pattinson: There were only two months between the filming of New Moon and Eclipse, during which I made Remember Me. Everything, went by so fast that I never felt like I quit twilight. But I was still sort of lost when I started Eclipse. I didn’t have the time to prepare myself so I needed a few weeks to accommodate myself.

P: What did you expect from a director like David Slade and did was he different on the set from what you imagined?

RP: I had no idea what I could expect from a director specialized in more mature films, who’s not afraid of explicit violence. Honestly, I was wondering how his universe would merge with the one of Twilight, which isn’t known for its nerve-raking violence. David had a clear idea of what he wanted to do; he had a different work method than Catherine and Chris’.

P: Like what?

RP: Eclipse introduces a lot of new characters; the atmosphere is less stuffy than in the first two movies. Twilight was centered on Edward and Bella’s romance, New Moon on Jacob and Bella’s relationship with Edward at the the periphery. Eclipse allows each character to have its ‘moment’ the spectrum is wider. The movie is, also, more rhythmed by action, and less focused on everyone’s intimacy.

Read the rest here


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