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Twilight book launched and … It’s bloody fangtastic

STUNT: New book arrives in London

STUNT: New book arrives in London

TWILIGHT fans finally got their teeth into a new instalment of the vampire saga yesterday.

Mini-novel The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner was launched at book stores across the UK in a series of early morning events.

It is the first book in two years from Stephenie Meyer, whose series tells of high school student Bella Swan’s love for vampire Edward Cullen.

Fans were quick to share their appreciation of the new book online. Amazon reviewer Miss F Shemman wrote: “It’s brilliant. I loved every page.” And posting on a Twilight fan forum, Twihard said: “It’s so good. The only problem I have with it is why can’t it be longer!”

Mum-of-three Meyer, who has been branded the new JK Rowling, said: “I always considered the book as something for the fans. They have been so supportive of all things Twilight.”

The previous four Twilight books have sold more than 100million copies while the spin-off movies have broken box office records and made a superstar of Brit actor Robert Pattinson, 24, who plays Cullen.

Last year a Meyer book was sold in the UK every two seconds.

MEYER’S new offering tells the story of one of the “newborn” vampires created by evil Victoria in her bid to destroy the Cullens.

Devotees who have already read Eclipse will remember Bree Tanner, the last newborn left alive.

This book takes on new aspects of her story, sitting alongside the four previous books, rather than as a sequel.

But the world Meyer, right, creates for the newborns is more fleshed out than in the main Twilight series where they had cameo roles.

You really sympathise with this creature as she struggles not to kill heroine Bella. Meyer is great at tugging the heart strings one moment and making you draw back in shock the next. The book is also available FREE on download at from tomorrow until July 5.



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