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ROBERT Pattinson is doing his bestnot to be seen with his controversial Twilight costar Kristen Stewart!

The hunky British actor — who has shared a close relationship with the 20-year-old actress, prompting rumors they’re dating — is said to be worried that his cozy friendship with Kristen will affect his career — because she keeps making silly comments to the media.

Stewart caused controversy earlier this month when she declared she feels “raped” by the paparazzi; lashed out at a photographer; demanded that her fans stop taking her picture; and claimed that she has a “crazy” stalker.

“Rob is worried that being associated with Kristen will harm his career,” a source said. “He’s worked far too hard to get where he is to let it all come crashing down because of someone else’s actions.

“He’s distancing himself from Kristen more and more. He says, ‘If she wants to ruin things for herself, then let her! But she won’t be dragging me down with her!’”

Summit Entertainment announced earlier this week that Rob and Kristen won’t be hitting the red carpet for the London premiere of Eclipse in July.

It was reported last month that Rob, 24, has been telling colleagues on the set of his new Water for Elephants — in which he plays a veterinarian who joins the circus, and also stars Reese Witherspoon — that he’s single.

“Rob is not dating anyone. There are no plans for Kristin Stewart to visit the set and he tells everyone he is single,” blabbed one insider.

“Rob is smarter than anyone gives him credit for, he reads the internet and pays attention to what people are saying. He is sharp and aware of everything.

“He’ll do the Eclipse premieres and then focus 100 percent on Reese and Water for Elephants. It’s like entering a whole new world for him.”



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