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K.Stew’s Bad Week Not a Problem for Summit

Not a great time to be Kristen Stewart.

With her not-so-smart comment relating fame to rape and those flipping pics, the Twilight star isn’t exactly having the best week ever.

But there may be light at the end of the tunnel for the babe, as behind-the-scenes chatter over at Summit is going in her favor:

As the studio gears up for round three of crazyass Twilight promotion, we’re told Kristen is being the chillest of the bunch.

“She actually has been the easiest out of everyone in her demands,” a source whispered to us.

Remember, “squirrelly” K.Stew was voted most likely to be difficult when it came to press time for Eclipse, and that is sorta proving to be true if her trip Down Undah is any indication, hate to say. But it isn’t worrying anyone over at Summit.

“Any press is good press right,” joked our insider who doesn’t actually believe that, trust. But we’re assured they are “not concerned” with the quasi backlash Stewart is getting, par-tick in the media. It won’t affect the massive movie, like, at all.

Plus, a certain other Twilight castmember is taking the heat off breezy Stew.

One person in the cast is being a “huge pain in the ass,” according to our source. The celeb who shall not be named—guess we’re in a good mood—is loathed over at the studio with their diva behavior as of late. Pat Poisonpuss has nothing on this one! Mucho demands and mucho attitude.

So let the guessing game begin!



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