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Isabella, Jacob are the most popular baby names for 2009

Bella and Jacob

Bella and Jacob

Apparently thanks to the Twilight vampire series, Isabella replaced Emma as the most popular baby name for girls in 2009.

Among the boys, Jacob retained its 11-year-run at the top.

A little more than 22,000 girls born in 2009 were named Isabella, followed by Emma, Olivia, Sophia and Ava, says the Social Security Administration, which compiles the data, the Associated Press reports.

Nearly 21,000 boys were named Jacob, followed by Ethan, Michael, Alexander and William.

Isabella is the full name for Bella, who is the girlfriend of Edward Cullen, a vampire, in the Twilight movie and book series.

The SSA notes that Edward posted only a modest rise of 11 spots on the list to reach No. 137 but Cullen was the fastest rising name among boys, soaring 297 places to land at No. 485.

Politics also weighed in: The fastest-rising girl’s name is a version of President Barack Obama’s daughter’s name, Malia.

Even Barack scored some modest gains, with 69 boys getting the name in 2009, making it the 1,993rd most popular for boys, up from No. 2,424 the year before.

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