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The Top Ten ‘Twilight’ And ‘New Moon’ Moments To Get You Ready For ‘Eclipse’

With Eclipse just around the bend, we’re trying our best to get you re-familiarized with the first two films so you are ready for the third! Occasionally here at TA, we will feature a top ten list from an outside source, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today! OK Magazine UK has compiled their own list of the top ten Twilight and New Moon moments, and you can check that out below!

1. Twilight: Bella sees Edward for the first time

The floppy hair, the awkward walk, the lusting eyes… sigh.

2. Twilight: Bella and Edward share their first kiss

Any girl who says she isn’t jealous of the passion in this scene is a liar. The fact that Edward has to pull away because he can’t control himself is enough to make us all pine for a vampire of our own.

3. Twilight: Edward ignores the waitress’s advances in the restaurant
Not only does Edward save Bella from some psychos, he then completely ignores the flirty waitress and only has eyes for Bella. The perfect gent!

4. Twilight: The Cullen family baseball game
This scene is so popular that some fans even have Cullen baseball shirts. Who says women don’t like sports? Get some vampires involved and we’re there! The Muse soundtrack makes this scene even better.

5. Twilight: Bella tells Edward she knows he’s a vampire and they have a ‘meadow’ moment
More passion than we can handle. There’s something hot about how dangerous but protective Edward is, by this point we’re in love and there’s no going back.

6. New Moon: Jasper attacks Bella
Bella cuts her finger, Jasper pounces. This is the first chance we get to see the reality of being part of the Cullen coven, it also sets the storyline for New Moon.

7. New Moon: Edward leaves Bella, including the empty chapters
Kristen is perfect in this scene and it’s another pivotal moment that had to be done perfectly to make fans of the books happy. We LOVED the way the empty chapters were portrayed and Possibility was the perfect soundtrack choice.

8. New Moon: Jacob takes his shirt off
Yes, the screams in the cinema, we heard them all. In fact, we took part in them. Although, editor Geoff was less than impressed.

9. New Moon: Jacob saves Bella from the sea
Bella realises adrenaline makes her hallucinate Edward’s presence and goes cliff jumping. Luckily, Jacob plays the hero and saves her from the freezing water. Cue more topless Jacob shots.

10. New Moon: Bella saves Edward as he’s about to step into the sunlight in Italy
Kristen does a lot of running, we’re all jealous of her figure, then she sees R-Pattz, he’s topless (more cinema screams), she saves him, they kiss and we breathe a sigh of relief. Bliss.


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