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Nikki Reed on Twilight Costars: “We’re Still a Family”

Well, it wouldn’t be an Los Angeles party without some Twilight girls in the mix.

Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser hit up the Lucy + Crystal Awards last night where stars such as Courteney Cox (with GF Jennifer Aniston in tow) and Zoe Saldana were being honored.

So in the spirit of all thing girly, we chatted with N.R. for a bit about which female Twi babes she’s been hanging with over the hiatus.

Hint: Her initials are K.S.:

“It’s not like we all separate,” Miss Reed ‘fessed, looking yummy in a black Marc Jacobs dress with her hair pulled back. “We still see each other all the time. Elizabeth [Reaser] is here. Love her, she’s the best person ever. And I was moving recently and Kristen [Stewart] was awesome enough to come and lift wardrobe racks and boxes. You know, we’re all still a family when we’re not filming. We’re all friends in real life!”

Enter the paparazzi kicking themselves for missing that photo op. So, even though the babes may not be on the same page for their jail movie K-11, sounds like all is good with the hottie stars. Happy?

Just hope Robert Pattinson‘s name doesn’t come up!

But speaking of the deelish man (whom, by the way N.R. doesn’t seem to have any bad blood with as she chatted ’bout him on the carpet to other reporters), what’s Nikki’s game plan for Eclipse premieres?

“I’ll be going to the U.K. premiere, I’m definitely going to London and New York. And some other things! They are shipping me off to some cities…I’ll know when I get on the plane.”

Looks like Summit has big Eclipse promo plans. Third time must be the charm.



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