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Letter to the readers

Passage to Eternity former BannerI gave it a lot of thinking and I decided to transform “Passage to Eternity” in an all news blog. I’m sorry but the fan fiction will be shut down. It seems that from some reason all my tries of continuing it have failed. I just can’t make my characters have an alternative life, from the one created for them by Stepehenie Meyer. Every attempt ended in a Twilight recreation and that was not the idea of this story.

So, once again, I ask all the readers to forgive me for this, but “Passage to Eternity” the fan fiction will be shut down. If some day, the characters will “speak” to me again, I’ll continue it, but for now consider it over.

I’ll make some changes on the blog, especially on the menu, as to simplify it, while still keeping the fan fiction for those willing to read it. Also, the English version of it, will not be made available. I’m sorry about that too, but my hectic schedule doesn’t allow me to translate it.

If among you there are does willing and able to make the translation for it, be my guests. I’ll post the translations on the blog and credit you for translating it, just make sure to let me know before you start. Use the contact form for this and for any other message, question, thought you would like to share with me.

Thank you for reading and, hopefully, enjoying the “Passage to Eternity” blog. Hope you’ll visit us again soon.

All the best,


Passage to Eternity blog owner


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