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Jodie Foster’s Advice to Kristen Stewart: Don’t Go Crazy

Two-time Academy Award winner Jodie Foster knows what it takes to make it as a young actress in Hollywood. Luckily for Twilightstar Kristen Stewart, the elder actress is there for her with valuable words of wisdom.

So what advice does Foster, 47, have for Stewart? “Just about how to not go crazy,” Foster, who costarred with Stewart in 2002’s Panic Room, told PEOPLE at the New York Women in Film & Television’s Designing Women Awards last week. “And [how to] be a young actor who wants to have a long career.”

When the former costars caught up with each other at the Oscars this year, Foster told the 20-year-old, “You know, you could learn a thing or two from me,” Stewart revealed on the Tonight Show in March.

But Foster says Stewart is doing just fine with stardom on her own. “She doesn’t need any help. She’s on the right track. She’s a good girl,” Foster told PEOPLE at the Macy’s event. “And I love that kid. I spent so much time with her.”



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