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‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ Soundtrack Review – A Review By Music Lovers, For Music Lovers

Following Twilight and New Moon’s solid and best-selling soundtracks, Eclipse had a lot to live up to. Having had the opportunity to listen to the soundtrack early, we can now say that not only does the Eclipsesoundtrack live up to its predecessors, but it surpasses them. Coming in with a total of 15 tracks, each song compliments each other and produces a fluid compilation while also standing out in their own right. With such an amazing group of songs, it’s nearly impossible to pick just one favorite, but don’t worry – you don’t have to. If you’re a music lover like us, you can read the in-depth and song-by-song review below co-written by myself (Kara / Team Switzerland) and Evie. And as an added bonus, we’ve compiled a playlist for you below featuring 2 of our favorite songs by each artist on the soundtrack so you can familiarize yourself with them before the release of the Eclipse soundtrack next Tuesday.

Metric: “Eclipse (All Yours)” – Metric’s contribution was a perfect way to kick things off. This song feels very much like a Bella-theme and the lilting voice of Emily Haines, the rolling melody and beginning driving guitar, combined with with very ‘Eclipse’-like lyrics make this the perfect song to open the soundtrack. We’ll go out on a limb here and say Metric will experience a Paramore-esque fanbase growth with the release of the soundtrack. If you want to hear more from Metric (and we bet you will!), you can check them out when they open up for fellow Eclipse soundtrack artists Muse later this year on the first half of the US leg of their Resistance tour.

Muse: “Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)” – As huge Muse fans (and Evie being the hugest fan…ever) from the true basics from Origin of Symmetry to every song they’ve ever written – we love this song. It’s been criticized for being too cheesy, but the lyrics, the melody…all of it is perfect. In true Muse fashion, Bellamy’s voice and piano skills in this song alone make it worthy of repeat playing. Add to the fact that it wasn’t even written with Eclipse in mind, the lyrics fit the Eclipse storyline perfectly. And as much as we hate to say it, we expect this will be in the credits of the film (following suit with Paramore’s “Decode” and Death Cab For Cutie’s “Meet Me On The Equinox” which were also title tracks).

The Bravery: “Ours” – A very upbeat number and one that makes you want to get up and dance. Right off the bat, we felt this was a given anthem for Edward and Bella. The song is very catchy and while it grabs you from the first few notes, you don’t really realize just how much you like it until you notice your playlist counts for this song are nearly into triple digits.

Florence + The Machine: “Heavy In Your Arms” – This track is one of the most pleasant surprises and clear standouts on the soundtrack. ‘Heavy In Your Arms’ has a driving force to it that makes you want to turn it up and dance to, but the haunting melody puts it as a frontrunner to fit a scene as dark as the newborn battle.

Sia: “My Love” – We were quite familiar with Sia’s previous work and were very much looking forward to what she would bring to Eclipse. Well, let us be the first to tell you: she didn’t disappoint. Light and ethereal, Sia’s ‘My Love’ strikes a soft, soothing note that adds a perfect balance to this group of songs.

Fanfarlo: “Atlas” – We (along with many of you) had already heard a live/acoustic version of “Atlas” on YouTube, but the mastered version that appears on the soundtrack is completely different. ‘Atlas’ has a crisp, almost folksy feel to it that isn’t done justice in an acoustic format. This upbeat song will stay in your head long after you’ve heard it and is another one that’s sure to get repeat plays.

The Black Keys: “Chop and Change” – The Black Keys bring a very bluesy, jazz feeling to the soundtrack with their contribution. This sultry number gives a similar feel to that of ‘Friends’ by Band of Skulls (off of the ‘New Moon’ sountrack) and will surely have you dancing along. Our one criticism on this song? Coming in at just 2 minutes and 26 seconds…it’s just too short!

The Dead Weather: “Rolling In On A Burning Tire” – Since we didn’t know much about The Dead Weather prior to this (aside from the fact that it’s a collaboration between several killer bands and that director David Slade seems to be their #1 fan), we didn’t know what to expect with this song. Going into it with an open mind, you can almost feel the dark and omnious coming. The melody is dark and brooding and you can definitely the bad guys are coming…

Beck and Bat for Lashes: “Let’s Get Lost” – This song is another easy standout in the group. The collaboration between Beck and Bat For Lashes is a perfect mash up that brings a unique sound that is very light, yet fast paced at the same time. Though it could certainly fit for Edward and Bella, we will go ahead and say this is more likely a Bella and Jacob theme.

Vampire Weekend: “Jonathan Low” – Coming in as another favorite (though as you can tell, there are many favorites), Vampire Weekend adds another catchy song to the soundtrack. Another on the list that we’ve been listening to on repeat, it’s just a fun song that is so upbeat you’ll want to listen again and again.

UNKLE: “With You In My Head (ft. The Black Angels)” – This song is one that falls a bit short of the rest of the soundtrack. It’s very fast moving with unobtrusive lyrics, but not as memorable when stacked up against the rest of the soundtrack. While nothing musically like Perry Farrell’s “Go All The Way (Into the Twilight)”, we can see it being similar in the sense that “With You In My Head” will be a great addition to the movie, but one that will be skipped over in the car.

Eastern Conference Champions: “A Million Miles An Hour” – Another song that’s a bit on the heavier side of the soundtrack, ‘A Million Miles An Hour’ has some great riffs (including a guitar intro eerily similar to Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Possess Your Heart”) along with some rough, throaty vocals. This one either feels like big decisions or some big action is looming ahead. ECC is a great, creative band and this is a pretty excellent representation of their work.

Band of Horses: “Life On Earth” – Another group we were big fans of prior to the soundtrack, Band of Horses stays true to their sound and the beautiful harmonies in this song will pretty much fit in anywhere. Slow-paced and soft, ‘Life on Earth’ feels relaxed and gentle.

Cee Lo Green: “What Part of Forever” – This is the biggest surprise of all on the soundtrack. While we went in expecting a heavy and almost abrasive sound, we were confronted with a very upbeat, melodic number that is definitely one of the best on the soundtrack.

Howard Shore: “Jacob’s Theme” – In short: a beautiful piano melody. Howard Shore is the master of movie scores, and judging from ‘Jacob’s Theme’, his score for ‘Eclipse’ is sure to be no less than amazing.

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