All the news that you can handle! Exclusive with Alex Meraz

Alex MerazDuring Alex Meraz’s weekend in Brisbane, Australia, I was privileged enough to spend some time with him and his wife. I had the chance to get the low-down on Alex’s inspirations and his experiences preparing for his role inSavage Innocent and New Moon, his time in Australia, and on the set of New World– all exclusive to

Alex Meraz is well known for his multitude of talents, which makes him an inspiration for thousands of people. But who inspires Alex? Alex tells that he admires people who go through a physical change for their work. He comments that actors like Tom Hardy are the kind of people he aspires to work with. Tom Hardy, lead actor of the British-made Bronson, went under a major physical transformation which included gaining 42 pounds (or 20 kilos) of muscle. Alex comments that he would love to work with Alejandro González Iñárritu, who is best known as the director for Babel, but Alex recalls his other great, but generally unknown, movies such as 21 grams and 11’09’01- September 11.

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