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Robert Pattinson’s New Hair Due

According to, fans are finnaly starting to warm up to Robert Pattison’s new look.
Reaction was mixed when fans saw the brand new ‘do belonging to Robert Pattinson’s “Water for Elephants” character, Jacob. Unofficial photos hit the web in the days preceding the start of production, but fans got a good look during Rob’s appearance last week on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Robert Pattison Before

Robert Pattinson Before

There is no clear verdict, but one thing is certain: fans are starting to warm to Rob’s new look. In addition to a flood of new fan art utilizing unofficial photos taken on the set of the film, many popular Rob blogs have begun trading Twilight-focused headers for flattering shots of Rob’s character in “Water for Elephants.”

Unlike the androgynous Edward Cullen, Jacob Jankowski is all man—complete with a burlier physique,

Robert Pattison After

Robert Pattinson After

ruddy cheeks, dirty hands, and a sheen of perspiration. Sure, his hair is shorter than Edward’s, but he makes up for it with a distinct brand of appeal. Many fans said the same of Rob’s “Bel Ami” character Georges Duroy, and are anxiously awaiting the look—and personality—of a grittier man.

Yet some fans who were “turned” into Rpattz fans by Twilight are still holding on Rob’s old coif. One of my Twitter followees, Robrator, tweeted it well this morning: “Dear Sex-Hair, Please come back to Rob soon. We miss you. XOXO.” At the end of the day, the preference is purely personal, though some purists would take Rob however he comes. Yet, for those of you who share Robrator’s sentiments on the matter, fear not. Said sex hair will return in “Breaking Dawn.”


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